Our new Mondaze.

Things I said today:

  • Tony, did she just call me stupid?! (Yup.)
  • Cabrey stop trying to feed him rocks.
  • No Tony, you can’t have Sprite, it’s 7:00 am.
  • Please don’t take your pants off. Please don’t take your diaper off.
  • Give. Me. The. Hairspray.

Okay, so here is a little rundown of how day one as a FSAHM went. The babies decided to celebrate my first day off by waking up at 5:30 am. It’s no secret my kids don’t sleep anyway, why would this day be any different?!

I was able to catch up on the Real Housewives of New York while the babes ate their mini muffins. There’s just something about sitting on the couch with my babies on a Monday morning drinking coffee and watching upscale trashy reality TV that really warms my heart. I thought about doing some yoga while the kids played but decided against it because then I would have to change into workout clothes and then change into regular clothes and I just couldn’t add anymore to the endless amount of laundry that’s been calling my name ..it’s the thought that counts right?

Rounded up the troops at about 8 a.m. to go to Home Depot. I need some succulents for a bridal shower so I decided to check it out. Bought some Cacti to match our shirts.. and then went to Target. Tony wasn’t happy, obviously. One day he’ll appreciate being able to buy jeans and milk in one place. Two hours later and two carts full, we left Target and went to Starbucks. Pink drinks, check.


We came home, I made Tony take 100 pictures and then back into the car to take Tony to his friends house. Got all the kids back in the car, drove to his friends house, realized he needed money for the pool. Left his friends house to go to Wawa. Got to Wawa, forgot debit card the house. Drove back home, got my debit card, drove back to Wawa. Drove Tony to his friends house and by the time we got home, Danny was asleep in his car seat.

I brought him in his carseat thinking he would sleep. I brought Cabrey in, put her in the carseat (the one we keep in her room that she will only take naps in). I sat down to eat for the first time today and Danny wakes up. Give him some milk and put him in his crib. Sat on the couch and listened to him scream his head off for an hour. Brought him back down, put him in his car seat to see if the new season of The Ranch would put him to sleep, negative.

Cabrey woke up an hour later and only wanted to watch excavator videos on YouTube. I cleaned out the van, new me who dis?

Pat got home at 330, we played with the babes and then Mac & cheese for dinner (like every other night). I have a great recipe for Mac & cheese, just message me if you want it. It only takes 3.5 minutes in the microwave & it’s called Kraft. Apparently it pairs well with poptarts.

Danny was in and off in a good mood. Clearly because he didn’t nap. Almond milk for the win & he was asleep at 6pm. Then woke up at 6:30pm screaming. Hung out until around 8 when Pat had to rock him to sleep in his car seat.

Ran a few errands with Cabrey, picked up Tony and BEDTIME. I’m tired and getting into bed was heavenly. Staying at home is no joke. Like I have to get up and go to work tomorrow but there are some moms out there who do it EVERY SINGLE DAY. Get it moms because you the real MVP.

For the past few weeks I’ve anticipated this Monday. Having to not worry about waking up at a certain time and having to rush to get the kids out the door was even better than I thought it would be. There were moments in the day where I thought to myself how I would’ve missed these little things if I weren’t home which makes me realize how much I’ve missed. And just confirmed that cutting down on work and staying home was really the right decision.

To say I had the best day ever, would be an understatement.



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