FSAHM day uno.

“FSAHM” = Fake Stay at Home Mom. So I’m technically not a stay at home mom, but only working part time for me is kinda like being a stay at home mom. i’ve worked full time literally since I graduated high school so anything less than 40+ hours a week to me is considered a stay at home mom. it’s Sunday night, the night before the Monday that I DON’T have to go into work and i’m all over here like, hmm.. lets make a list of all of that things i’m going to do on the days i’m not working. so far, here is the list i have:

  1. the zoo – we have a membership, so it’s free. three kids and 1 adult to the zoo, easy peezy.
  2. clean the entire house, top to bottom
  3. redecorate my house – HomeGoods it is.
  4. take a nice long nap when the kids take their nice long naps.
  5. finish and put away all of the laundry piled up in the basement.
  6. Targe’ – because snacks and clothes can be bought in 1 stop = genius.
  7. Grab some Starbucks, thank God for online ordering.
  8. Make tony snap some pics for the gram, because it’s 2018 and if you didn’t gram it.. it didn’t happen. get ready for an endless supply of completely candid stand in front of a bare wall pictures (as if you aren’t already completely sick of them).
  9. Play some video games with Tony.
  10. Go for a nice long walk every morning.
  11. Workout hard AF. Ain’t no time like the right time. (That doesn’t sound right?)
  12. Sunbathe while the babies play quiet and nicely in their pool in our backyard.

(This is all I have so far – I’ll post FSATM day DOS and let you know how I make out on my list.)

i’m not gonna lie, i’m a little nervous. what if i hate it!? what if my kids drive me to the point of insanity and i take it out on my husband and then we start to fight and can’t stand each other and then what?! what if i’m soo bored and start to talk to myself because i have no one else to talk to other than my babies!? ..or what if i LOVE it and never want to go back to full time as long as i live but eventually i have to because the kids will be in school full time at some point.

ideas on what to do with my kids to keep them busy and me sane would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “FSAHM day uno.

  1. Your blogs are hilarious and I love them (and your honesty)! So I babysit a lot and I had the kids make a list of things they wanted to do all summer. So far we made slime…twice. Terrible experience for me, but the kids loved it–even when it didn’t turn out. I also got water balloons and a sprinkler. The best idea ever. I linked below the balloons we use- super simple and kept them busy for a few hours.



    1. Thank youu!! Such a good idea.. they’ll be perfect for Tony when he has his friends over too so they’re not upstairs playing video games all day 🙄


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