Like I said, I have no desire to work with a company just if I don’t truly love or believe in their products.

Right away when I was I contacted about Artsbot, I was really excited. When I received our kit, I called Tony down from his room while he was playing Xbox (where he had been for what seemed like hours) and handed it to him, not even telling him what it was. He opened it, took each item out of the box, read the instructions and literally started right away. I feel like something that could take him away from Xbox so easily, has to be great. So..

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What is Artsbot?

It is a super easy craft kit for kids. Invented by a mother of two who was just sick of sitting her kids of front of a screen for a distraction while traveling. They’re just so simple and creative. Everything you need is included (natural and earth-friendly materials) in the box so you don’t have to worry about not having something. We received the “Positive Vibes” kit, which came with wooden shapes with magnets, rhinestones, markers, stickers, a sketch book, pen and project tutorial. They also have kits to make bracelets, wooden blocks, cars, necklaces, clay, hair accessories and more.

A canvas bag is also included so you can carry it with you wherever you go. The kits were  designed to be TSA friendly as well, so that when you’re traveling your kids will have no problem bringing them through the airport.

The best part.

Besides the fact that it’s only $20 with free shipping always, each time you upload a picture of your child’s design using the hashtag #botheart, Artsbot will donate a kit to a child who needs it most. Such an easy way to give back, especially around this time of year. Just head on over to: Artsbot  and use the coupon code: Devinney10, you will receive 10% off your order!

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