World’s greatest BOTTLE.

If you’re searching for the perfect baby bottle but are still unsure.. head over to Twist Shake and check out their bottles. I used to use Dr. Brown’s but have since switched after finding these. Use code kdevinney30 for 30-40% off your order!

First there is the actual bottle with a container inside to actually hold the formula that you need to use to make the bottle.


Then once you put the powder and water into the bottle.. they have a mixer that you insert to insure that the formula gets mixed together really well. The container is literally the best invention ever because I’m so sick of carrying around a container of formula which I can barely get out of the little hole in the top! I get it everywhere. This just makes it so much easier.

Processed with VSCO with e6 preset

Then they have the silicone nipple, which comes in various sizes ranging from XS (0+months) to – (4+ months). BUT they even have cups for when toddlers as well!





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