My best friends wedding.

And no, I’m not talking about the movie.

September 15, 2017, my best friend since we were 12 years old, got married. I know you always hear people talking about the weddings they attend and how they have never seen a more beautiful bride and I’m not just saying this because she’s my best friend .. I have literally, in my entire life, never seen a more beautiful bride. Her amazing dress from Van Cleve Bridal fit her like a glove. I have to admit when we went dress shopping it was completely different than I ever thought she would want to wear. I didn’t really have any idea about what type of dress she would want, but the one she picked out was completely different than I ever thought.  I think I can speak for everyone that day and say that the second she walked out of the fitting room, we all got chills. It was perfect. Our bridesmaid dresses were from the same place and all of the employees there were more than amazing.

The morning of the wedding we all had to be at the Loews Hotel super early to start getting ready. I, of course, was late. But I was with my friend and my husband drove us so at least I wasn’t the only one. (City traffic at 9 am is the worst). I was expecting to walk into a mad house. I really thought she was going to be super stressed out after texting us that morning at 3am thinking she forgot something. But, she was cool, calm and collected. Each of us got our hair done by the girls at Joseph Anthony and they were AMAZING. The brides hair was perfect, obviously.

If you are in the Philadelphia area and looking for someone to do your make up, you NEED to call Sam Garro. So. Perfect. The bride didn’t even look like she had any on. She’s not a huge makeup person, she really could’ve gone without it (that’s how beautiful she is), but Sam put just enough on to not make it look too much. My make up was done by her assistant, Gina.

We all just hung out and grabbed some snacks as we were getting ready. Before we knew it hair and makeup was done and the photographer was ready to take some pictures. As we waited for the brides ride to the church (a white Rolls Royce) with her father, we took some pictures and enjoyed the craziness.

I will never forget getting to see my best friends father see her for the first time on her wedding day. As we were all holding her dress walking outside for him to meet her, the look in his eye was priceless, like something out of a movie. After a few tears, hugs and I love yous, we all got into the trolley and followed the Rolls Royce to the church. They were married at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Philadelphia , which if you’re traveling to Philadelphia, a place you have to visit. It’s stunning.

I’m a wedding crier. I can’t help it, the tears just flow. So, as you can imagine when she walked down the isle, the water works were on full display. It was magical. I can’t forget adding that when the Priest announced them as husband and wife for the first time, he announced them as Mr. & Mrs. her last name, not his. It was hilarious and her husband will have to hear about it for the rest of his life. The look on his face though.

After the ceremony we took some pictures at Swann Memorial Fountain (another place to visit if you’re traveling to Philadelphia) and headed to the reception. The reception was held at the Ballroom at the Ben a few miles away from the church in Philadelphia. Food was insane and we danced all night long. I can’t even think of a more perfect night. I hope it was everything she imagined it would be, and more.



And for their honeymoon? Hawaii. – so jealous.

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