Same shirt, different day.

Same shirt, different day.

Some people call it a “capsule” wardrobe, I just call it being able to wear the same thing the next day but make it look like you’re not wearing the same thing the next day. i dunno, sometimes i only have time to just grab something and throw it on in order to get out of the door on time. I chose 15 pieces, some I had already and a few new things, to mix it up. And made 15 outfits.

IMG_5558 21. Joggers – comfy clothes you can eat as many smores as you want and not have to worry about the waistband being too tight. they’re so comfortable and you can still look presentable wearing sweats outside of the house. // love these too

2. mom jeans – men may not think high waisted mom jeans are sexy but IDGAF as long as i’m comfortable. i love the way they suck my love handles in and don’t squeeze my thunder thighs so bad that i can’t even sit down. // another option (on sale)

3. camo t-shirt – girls are loving themselves some trendy camo, and i’m no exception. // i have this one too and it’s just as inexpensive. you won’t feel bad spending the money on it when it’s no longer cute in a year.

4. utility vest – so easy to throw on to keep you warm when it’s just a little chilly outside and you won’t sweating your ass off. you can easily put a long sleeve under for some layers. // here is a jacket version (on sale)

5. oversized sweater – i just love when i can throw on an oversized sweater over my outfit // obsessed with this oversized cardigan

6. long cardigan – so easy to just throw on and it keeps you warm and cute at the same time // another option, this one is one of  my favorites too (on sale)

7. striped turtle neck / 8. striped t-shirt (only $6) – both are comfortable and can layer easily.

9. white t shirt – the award for best basic t-shirt goes too … i have one in like every color i love it.

10. green utility pants (on sale) – wearing size 6, TTS like jeans.. just comfortable loose fitting pants, another option other than jeans

11. black jeans – i feel like everyone should have a really good pair of black jeans, i actually cut the bottom of these myself because i’m so short and they were raw edged anyway.

12. vest – lightweight but still keeps you warm, i really wasn’t a huge fan until i found this one

13. vans – just another option other than the typical white chuck tailors, they also come in like 500 colors, it’s no secret i love them

14. “tuxedo” style flats – i love how they’re open on the sides and air can get in because i literally CANNOT stand how regular flats make my feet just feel so gross.

15. Uggs –  I saved the best for last. i really have no words to describe how amazing these are – you’ll thank me if you buy them. the regular Uggs just make me so uncomfortable because of how tight they are, these are just so easy to slip on and don’t feel like you’re wearing slippers. (and they’re water resistant)

Weekly Favorites

Weekly Favorites

gimme all the leopard print.


it looks like its going to rain for the next 100 days so this green jacket (wearing a size S) & wool fedora are necessary.

these leopard flats are TTS, wearing a size 6.

striped t-shirt goes with everything and is literally $5.00

these jeans are Zara and amazing, but here is a cheaper option that are exactly the same (which i also shared last week too)


again with the leopard flats // here is a cheaper option that are just like these & here are actual leopard loafers that i love.

this pink tie front shirt is the same material at this white striped shirt I shared before.

my white loafers are from last year, but still available and TTS. wearing a size 6.


i’ve had this suede jacket for years but here is another option almost identical // suede jacket . i can’t get enough suede, it’s weird. this is my favorite white t-shirt – it’s $12 and comes in like 10 colors.



omg this leopard cardigan though. here is almost the exact same thing too (which also comes in orange). these jeans are different than the other black ones (they’re not distressed) and they’re called “ab-solution” skinny jeans BECAUSE THEY’RE so insanely comfortable. they’re like maternity jeans, but not maternity jeans.

 another v-neck white top because you can never have enough white t-shirts

these tie front tops are perfect for fall – which i’ve shared so many times. here is the Amazon version  which is kind-of exactly the same.

bought these jeans last year, but they hold up well. sometimes i just need a pair of skinny jeans without holes in them. they’re only $17.00.

booties for days. these are under $50 and so comfortable!

another wool hat because i haven’t had my hair dyed in over a year and i’ll do anything to hide these grays.





oversized sweater // i keep seeing Amazon ads with the cutest oversized sweaters and can’t help myself. this one actually looked like the picture when it came, but i wished i sized up. wearing a size SM.

slides // i mean. they also come in pink & black.

jeans // wearing size 28 but wish i went a size smaller because the longer you wear them the bigger they get.

IMG_5357Off the shoulder pink sweater // another Amazon find i love. lightweight & comfortable.


these flats i feel like I’ve over shared, i just love them. i paid like $11 and they don’t feel cheap at all. they have the sides cut out which i love because i hate how flats make my feet so sweaty (overshare).

my top is perfect to throw on and then can throw a cardigan over it (currently on sale)

 oversized cardigan // use code YESPLEASE for 60% off and it comes to around like $20 (i suck at math but i know that’s like saving a lot of money)


slides // i’m never taking them off – i feel like that says enough about how perfect they are. (also currently on sale)


pants // another option other than jeans, sometimes i just need a change. wearing size 6, TTS

Uggs // i’m just so sick of the regular Uggs and these ones are so easy to just throw on.

Oversized sweater // this one isn’t available anymore, but here’s another option just like it.


Facetune_26-08-2018-20-02-13 2

dress // i’ve been wanting a button up dress all summer, so when i saw this one.. i knew i was buying it. wearing a size XS because that was all that they had left in the store and it fits TTS.




This oversized sweater is currently 30% off – they’re meant to be long enough to cover your butt (which i love). i’m wearing a size S because i love the bigger feel, but could’ve went with an XS. it also comes in camo – but i feel think i’ve officially exceeded the amount of camo anyone not in the military should own. leggings // shoes


 i guess i’m preparing myself for a nice long winter already with buying a lined jacket, but i’ve been wanting one for so long, i finally committed.

IMG_4132.jpgsee what i mean with the camo obsession? this camo henley was apart of the Nordstrom sale and I don’t believe this color is available, but they have a few other options. its perfect for fall and so soft. // white loafers

IMG_2681this top is from Amazon, which i was pleasantly surprised with. you can wear it with jeans and leggings and it comes in like 100 other colors. // jeans



i obviously think every woman and girl should own one of these shirts. after posting this picture i got a tonnnn of questions about where i got them, click here: (i’m wearing a M and could have gone with a S, Cabrey is wearing a 3T, which is TTS)

women Levi’s top // girls Levi’s top 

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i didn’t originally include this oversized sweater in my original Amazon fashion finds post because it came a few days later, but it would’ve been my favorite out of all the items. it’s oversizedly perfect.




These highwaisted leggings are less than $10 and I can’t get enough. I bought 2 pair and won’t feel bad if they don’t last that long. i love that they’re high waisted.

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okay so, i don’t always spend a lot of money on jeans. i have three kids and they get shit all over me all the time. moms – these jeans are amazing. they have an elastic band around them – but not like maternity jeans. i was looking for a pair of black jeans that weren’t distressed and came across these // jeans are here – shoes are here 

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this top actually isn’t the one from Urban. SHOCKINGLY its an Amazon find and only $20. it’s a little tighter fit than the UO one, longer and comes in a few colors // Amazon top


Posted this to my IG. ugh, it’s just so comfortable. it’s a little expensive but you could also wear this if you were pregnant (i’m not), it’s super lose fitting // jumpsuit

this green sweater is my favorite purchase this week. it was on sale and it can really be worn as a off the shoulder or not. I’m wearing a size M and love how it’s oversized. // sweater // ripped jeans // mules // white jeans

i’m not usually one for belly shirts, but this off the shoulder sweater is light weight and could be worn more than one way and it’s under $20 // sweater


Just went to Target for bread & peanut butter .. ended up in the dressing room.

Just went to Target for bread & peanut butter .. ended up in the dressing room.

I tried on some clothes with some kids. I’m not gonna lie I was a little skeptical shopping for clothes there I can also buy milk & eggs, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised lately.  Continue reading “Just went to Target for bread & peanut butter .. ended up in the dressing room.”