What’s a Cabrey?

Two years later I can still picture my 86 year old Italian grandmothers face staring at me from across her kitchen table when I told her what we would name our daughter if its a girl. “What’s a Cabrey?!”

Okay, you’re 86 years old (and just so precious).. you get a pass.

But for all the other people out there who would have anything to say about what someone would name their baby, STFU. Just recently, I ran into an old friend who is having a baby. I had asked her the number one question (okay, maybe top three question after: when are you due!? are you having a boy or girl!?), “do you have any names picked out?” She clearly had that, yeah-I-have-one-picked-out-but-don’t-want-to-say look on her face. I asked if she was keeping it a secret (which kills me worse then knowing if it is a boy or girl). She’s like, “noo, but I hate telling people because of the opinions I get!” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

My mind was blown.

That’s still a thing?! I don’t care if you wanted to name your kid Foot, the only response you should get should be a positive one. Regardless of the fact that this woman is currently carrying a child and hormonal AF, the last thing she wants to hear is your opinion of what she is choosing to name her child. Trust me, if she (or anyone else) wants your opinion, she would have asked for it. When you’re the one changing the shitty diapers and feeding my baby from your boob, then and only then (maybe), will I care what you have to say about my baby’s name.

If you want to share your opinion about something – start a blog.

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