The Working Mom

For some moms going back to work is the worst thing ever; crying on your way to work, running to your car to get home quickly and texts all day to your sitter asking for pictures and updates. For other moms (like me) going back to work is the best thing ever. I love my kids, I really do – obsessed with them actually – but I just love what I do and I feel like someone else is just much more equipped at teaching my kids how to make the most amazing macaroni necklace than I am.

After two and half months of this maternity leave, I am officially no longer a stay at home mom (thank god). But now here comes the hard part: getting three kids out of the door in the morning and it’s no joke. I remember thinking how hard it was to get one out and now three sometimes seems impossible. One morning I ran into another mom on my way into work around 7:30 a.m. and later she had mentioned she thought, “how does she do it? get to work so early and have three kids.” Well, this is how I do it:

  1. I have made sure to forewarn my husband that he might be getting a call or text to vent to about how insane my morning has been. It’s important to let him know that I will be calling him screaming (maybe crying) and that I just need him to take it. Who better to take my frustration out on other than my husband. Sorry babe, I apologize now for anything I might say in the heat of the morning craziness.
  2. I try and wake up an hour earlier than my kids. I’m about 50/50 on that one. But I can tell you the times I actually do, my mornings are a breeze. I have to make sure that I have more than enough time to sit, drink my coffee and get ready in peace before shit hits the fan. If you didn’t drink coffee before – start. This is the most crucial part of my day. I close my eyes, take in the silence and get prepared.
  3. I try and put my kids to sleep in the clothes they’re going to wear the next day. I’m actually saving money by not having to buy pajamas. Or I just send them to daycare in their pajamas, who really cares. This is the time in their lives where other kids won’t be judging them on what they’re wearing so does it really matter if their clothes even match? All I have to do is change the baby’s diapers and I’m set.
  4. Breakfast and lunch? Those packets of applesauce and Uncrustables are a serious life saver. Yes, under normal circumstances I wouldn’t spend $3.00 on a pb&j but it’s totally worth every penny (and they’re so good – I’m forever trying to figure out how they get the bread to stay so fresh).
  5. I usually pack everything in the diaper bag/lunches the night before. I stock up on diapers and wipes, bottles, formula, everything – even go as far as putting it in the car the night before. That way, I won’t have to run back to the house after dropping the kids off because I forgot something. Which, 9 times out of 10 I forget something anyway but it limits the amount of things I forgot, so that’s a plus.
  6. I stay calm (most days). I am a firm believer in that deep breaths are what are going to get me of out the door on time. I prepare myself for the crazy and know that it won’t last long. I’ll be sitting in my comfy chair at work in no time thinking of how much fun they’re having with their friends at daycare (more fun than they would be having if they were home with me all day).



4 thoughts on “The Working Mom

  1. This is so real and that’s what I love about it! I only have one so getting him out of the house is a challenge – I can’t even imagine 3 kids. I think the first tip about venting to your husband is brilliant, I’ve made those phone calls and it can just be so needed. Great post!

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  2. YES! If I get up an hour before my kids, my life is so easy…. but I don’t even set an alarm. I just love to sleep.
    I also love seeing other bloggers who are working moms. I always say that LOVING my job and loving/missing my kids aren’t mutually exclusive. I do both all day long.

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  3. I do my work from home so my baby stays with me . But I feel like I won’t be able to manage when I start going out for job. Your post gave me. An idea how I need to manage things 😊

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  4. Love it! I try getting up early but I just can’t get off the computer at night to go to bed on time. Haha! I seriously feel like an entire has passed by the time I get to work in the am. Getting 4 kids where they need to be everyday on my own is definitely a task! Thank you for the encouragement!

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