Naps on naps on naps

For the first time in the two months since Danny was born, Cabrey and Daniel have napped at the exact same time. It’s like ..seeing a unicorn. The sky’s opened up from the heavens, a beautiful white unicorn came floating down and we rode into the sunset, wind blowing in our hair.

At 19 months old, Cabrey is officially climbing out of her crib. I picture her with a smile on her face, throwing me the middle finger every time she does it. And the only place she will take nap is in her car seat ..whatever works. We literally sit her in her car seat in the dining room and she will sleep for maybe a few hours, depending on her level of crazy. But, as I vowed to be the most amazing SAHM ever on this maternity leave (hahahhaaaa) I was determined to break that and have her nap in the crib. It seemed to work, if you consider screaming her head off for 45 minutes a nap. Andddd that idea went right out the window. So, now.. instead of the dining room, she sleeps in her room in her car seat that I strategically place facing her crib, in the hopes that one day she’ll see what she’s missing.

Back to the point. On this particular day we took a ride to Target, we needed wipes (and Starbucks). Danny cried the entire time, Cabrey thought it would be hilarious to scream her head off and Tony couldn’t stop laughing at me. At one point a woman with four kids of her own in tow came up to me and said, “don’t worry hunny, you’re doing great.” It was like when someone asks you if you’re feeling okay.. I knowww lady, I look like shit. We got the wipes (and Starbucks) and went home. After feeding Danny and putting him down for a nap, I quickly grabbed the car seat, walked it upstairs and put Cabrey right in it.

They were both asleep. I can’t even tell you, can’t even put it into words, the feeling that overcame me. WHAT TO DO?!! I could get ahead start on dinner, family dinners are few and far between these days. I could throw a few loads of laundry in, take a nap, empty the dishwasher.. uhhhhhh. Hell No.

Wanna know what I did? French braided my hair. Yup. Took a few (hundred) selfies – contemplated posting one on Instagram (the lighting just wasn’t right) and then just stared blankly at the ceiling while laying on the floor in my hallway. There were 500 things I needed to do but I wasn’t doing a damn thing. I was literally going to enjoy every second of silence that I had been blessed with.

It lasted a good 10 minutes until the mailman came and the dog barked liked crazy waking Daniel up right away.

So if you’re like me and dwell on the fact that there just isn’t enough hours in the day, just know you would be just as unproductive if you did have more time.

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