The Hospital Bag: What to really pack.

With my most recent pregnancy I had come across numerous articles about what to pack in your hospital bag.

The thought crossed my mind, but I actually didn’t even have time to pack a bag since my water broke at 9 p.m. a month before I was due. I thought for sure I had just peed the bed so since I thought I was going to the hospital just to appease myself, packing a bag seemed stupid. After labor and everything that went on, I really got to thinking. I hadn’t packed a bag and didn’t even really necessarily need one. So, I decided to make a list of what I would suggest someone realistically packs. Not just all of the shit that you think you’ll need from reading these articles written by people who have been paid to promote the products they want to you bring to the hospital with you. Keep in mind, the amount that your insurance is paying the hospital is insane, so take advantage of everything they have there. You’ll thank me when you’re receive the bill in the mail from the hospital of what your insurance didn’t pay, it’ll make you feel like you actually got your money’s worth.

Here it is:

  1. My number one MUST HAVE, even if you don’t put anything else in the bag, this is essential. Undies. Comfortable undies that you would find in your grandmothers underwear drawer. You need something huge and comfortable. The hospital will give you these pads with ice in them that need something sturdy to hold them. P.s. the pads are amazing. (If you need an idea of which to get, I bought these Hanes underwear and they were magical).
  2. Tooth brush and toothpaste. You actually don’t even need to pack one because the hospital has one, but just in case you really like the one you have, throw it in there. There are plenty other smells that will be surrounding that labor and delivery room, your breath shouldn’t be one of them.
  3. Your husbands t-shirt. Pack a few actually. You’ll want something to make you feel homey.
  4. Your husbands sweatpants. Ya know, the ones you’ve been wearing the past few months, you’ll need them too.
  5. Don’t forget snacks. When I was in labor with my daughter I had to have a version (she was breach so had to be turned) so I went in at 38 weeks and had her turned. We had to wait all day after she was turned to dilate. During that time I remember being so hungry. I asked a nurse if there was anything I could eat because I know they tell you once you have the epidural you can’t. She said as long as she doesn’t see it, it’s not there. For the next few hours my amazing husband snuck me an abundance of graham crackers, even though I really wished I was eating a huge bag of Lays potato chips. I saw on another blog someone suggested lactation cookies. Really? You’re about to push a baby out, pack some Chips Ahoy and relax.
  6. For your feet: slippers. The hospital gives you those comfy nonslip socks, which will do the trick but who doesn’t love slippers?
  7. Cellphone charger. My husband and I played Words with Friends during the time it took for me to dilate so the charger really came in handy. You’ll also need to update the world about the new baby via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and for all of those congratulatory texts/calls you’ll be getting. How else will the world know if your cell is dead?!
  8. If you get a chance to shower at the hospital, bring a towel and washcloth that you won’t mind throwing away. They’re going to get ruined anyway so just bring a few from home that you won’t mind parting with once you leave. You might as well throw some soap, shampoo, conditioner and hairbrush in there too. You’ll have to pull yourself together just a little bit.
  9. And last but not least, don’t forget the baby (or babies) going home outfit. Go crazy and take tons of pictures (your cell phone camera is just fine but if you have to, pack a camera).

There are obviously other things that you could pack, but why go crazy. The chances are your husband and family members will be back and forth begging to bring you whatever you need and then you blink and it’s time to leave anyway. You’ll have a lot of things to stress out about, don’t make what to pack in your hospital bag one of them.


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